12.30.17Winter 2017

My husband, Mark Chung, and I welcomed our son Lucas into this world on October 14!

12.04.16Winter 2016

Looking forward to performing with Go: Organic Orchestra on two Sundays at 8 PM: November 20 and December 4

Brooklyn Conservatory of Music
58 Seventh Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

*Nov 20 "Process and prototype (how Go: Organic Orchestra works)"
*Dec 4 “Community and Cosmology" (Go: Organic Orchestra as a lived philosophy)"

ABOUT GO: http://www.metarecords.com/go.html
ABOUT NYC GO: http://www.metarecords.com/go-nyc.html
FB EVENT https://www.facebook.com/events/1139858392772170/
NEW MUSIC USA FEATURE http://www.newmusicbox.org/articles/adam-rudolph-languages-of-rhythm/

Performing artists:
Kaoru Watanabe – noh kan, fue, c flute
Steve Gorn - bansuri flute
Michel Gentile – c and alto flute, bamboo flutes
Ze Luis – c and alto flute, bamboo flutes
Sylvain Leroux - tambin, flute
Mariano Gil - bass flute, piccolo

Ned Rothenberg - b flat & bass clarinet, shakuhachi
Avram Fefer - b flat clarinet, tenor saxophone
Ivan Barenboim - b flat clarinet
Sean Sonderegger – b flat clarinet, contra bass clarinet, ney
Batya Sobel - oboe

Graham Haynes – cornet, flugelhorn, bamboo horn
Stephen Haynes – trumpet, flugelhorn, bamboo horn
Peter Zummo - trombone, didjiridoo
Libby Schwatrz - french horn

Gwen Laster – viola
Melanie Dyer – viola
Julianne Carney – violin
Mark Chung – violin
Sana Nagano – violin
Alva Anderson - viola and vocal
Stephanie Griffin – viola
Marika Hughes - cello
Leco Reis - contrabass
Emma Alabaster - contrabass

James Hurt – sogo and kidi drums, percussion
Tim Keiper – dusu n'goni, percussion
Joe Hertenstien - percussion, modified kit
Keita Ogawa - frame drums, udus, percussion
John Hadfield - djembe, frame drums, percussion

Kenny Wessel - el. guitar, banjo
Marco Cappelli - acoustic guitar
Alexis Marcelo – piano
Damon Banks – bass guitar

04.26.16Spring 2016

Happy Spring!

I'm looking forward to performing at The Stone on July 30 - Jessica Pavone's compositions Songs of Synastry and Solitude will be played at the 8pm set and Hope Dawson is Missing will be played at the 10pm set.

Before that, I will be heading out to Colorado Suzuki Institute to teach for two weeks in June in Beaver Creek! I'm very much looking forward to returning to this beautiful location and phenomenal learning community.

I will also be in Minneapolis in May for the Bi-Annual Suzuki Conference, supporting my incredible colleague Michele Monahan Horner, who will be unveiling her new pedagogical book and website: Life Lens in Color - an incredible way to understand the best ways individuals learn and operate.

Recent performances included playing extraordinary cellist Okkyung Lee's beautiful compositions for chamber orchestra at Roulette. In November, I joined Tri-Centric Orchestra at Roulette for the annual commissioning concert.

The New Muse 4tet, with Gwen Laster, Melanie Dyer, and Tomas Ulrich, has performed at the Museum of Art and Origins, at the Beacon Restoration Chapel, and Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. We will be conducting a creative improvisation workshop at Brooklyn Conservatory from 6:15 - 7:15 PM on May 11!

I hope to see you soon!

08.28.15Fall 2015

Lots of shows coming up August through November! With the Go: Organic residency wrapping up, Eco-Music is revving forward, and I'm looking forward to playing The Ticket That Exploded again, as well as another inspiring set of new compositions with Tri-Centric Orchestra in November.

04.27.15Spring 2015

Recent and upcoming activity:

- Performances with Adam Rudolph\'s Go:Organic Orchestra will pick up again this summer; stay tuned for more information as it comes in.

- Performances at Joe\'s Pub with Eco-Music Big Band, featuring the music of Fred Ho, Cal Massey, Sun Ra, and current composers including Livio Almeida and Albert Marquez; recording session this fall

- I will be teaching this summer at the Colorado Suzuki Institute at Beaver Creek June 15 - 27

- Sunday, November 22, I will join the Tri-Centric Orchestra for another commissioning concert, premiering new music by Michael Attias, Daniel Blake, Joseph Daley, and Jessica Pavone

11.07.13Fall 2013

I'm honored to be participating in April in the Trillium J Opera project with Tricentric Orchestra, a group who performs the music of Anthony Braxton and his mentees.

Watch for upcoming dates for my solo project performing abstract art pieces, most recently at ABCNORIO.

10.15.12Fall 2012

This fall brings several inspiring collaborations:

Late in October, I will be at Dartmouth College with Adam Matta and friends:
Vocal percussionist Adam Matta “breaks barriers of sound and speed…with drum kit, horn and bass sounds flying from his mouth" (Africasgateway.com), wowing collaborators including Bobby McFerrin, Béla Fleck and the Carolina Chocolate Drops. At the Hop, Matta and musicians—violinist Julianne Carney, guitarist Eyal Maoz and Ned Rothenberg on woodwinds—create an arresting, improvised mash-up of hip hop, rock, electronica, jazz, Middle Eastern music and video imagery.

I am participating in Adam Rudolph's Go Organic Orchestra on October 15th. I am really looking forward to exploring the many different scale systems that he uses in this project: hexatonic, octatonic, triple diminished, etc.

And finally, I recently had the opportunity to play through the Sibelius Violin Concerto with Long Island Sound Symphony, as part of their rehearsal cycle, which was quite fun and exhilarating.

04.10.12Spring 2012

Spring news:

Recent performances with Tom Swafford's String Power, James Ilgenfritz's opera "The Ticket That Exploded", and a quartet performance at the Stone featuring Nathan Bontrager, Al Margolies, James Ilgenfritz, and me, entitled "String Surprise".

I'm looking forward to a collaboration with beatboxer Adam Matta in the fall.

07.01.11Summer 2011

My favorite season has arrived!

Summer brings the end of my second year as Director of the Suzuki Division at Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. A wonderful crew of teachers and a great community of families make for incredible music making and learning!

I attended SAGWA (Washington DC area Suzuki Institute) as an observer June 27 - 30 and came away with tons of great ideas and inspiration to fuel the upcoming year. Hooray!

Upcoming performances include a violin feature on "Deva Dasi" with Billy Fox's Blackbirds and Bullets at the Stone on Wednesday, July 6, Gowanus Co. at DSMC on July 28, and a duo for Vibes and Violin written by James Ilgenfritz, to be performed November 16. See Shows page for details.

02.12.11Upcoming Performances in March

March 12 - 8 PM
String Orchestra of Brooklyn (SOB)
St. Ann's Church, 157 Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights
A program of new works by Alex Mincek, Tony Conrad, Duane Pitre, and Katherine Young, in collaboration with Issue Project Room

March 19 - 8 PM
James Ilgenfritz Septet - featuring Leah Paul, Kirk Knufke, Chris Dingman,
Sara Schoenbeck, Taylor Levine, James Ilgenfritz, Julianne Carney
Issue Project Room
Brooklyn NY

March 25
with JC Sanford Orchestra
Tea Lounge
Brooklyn NY

11.12.10Fall 2010

Going into my second year of directing the Suzuki Division at Brooklyn Conservatory, Billy Fox's CD Dulces is coming out on Clean Feed this month, and some interesting shows coming up. Stay tuned!

04.25.10Spring 2010

I'm extremely happy to welcome the leaves & blooming trees from their long sleep.

Recording session & show with Jason Kao Huang was incredible. Like a family reunion of improvising string players. Jason is a fantastic band leader; through his piece Spontaneous River, he was able to sculpt a massive sound, while still giving great free-reign and highlighting the signatures styles of all the players.

01.08.10Winter 2010

Happy New Year!

Performing developments: Recording session with Billy Fox, and shows with bands Double Quartet, the Sky & the Sea, Julianne Carney Quintet and *is a battlefield.

I am also now Interim Director of the Suzuki Division at the Brooklyn Conservatory.

08.28.09Fall 2009

News this month:

- Suzuki violin season is about to start!

- New band The Sky & the Sea is gearing up with a show at Zebulon & recording session under our belts. Band is: Phil Sterk, Ryan Mackstaller, Tim Kuhl, Geoff Kraly, and myself.

- Tuesday, September 29 my quintet will hold court at Le Grand Dakar, with tunes by Jenny Scheinman and band members Justin Wood, Ryan Mackstaller, John O'Brien, and James Ilgenfritz